Altria Teleservices

On the following pages you will find a short summary of what we offer you with our call center in Davao City, Philippines. extensive experience As a foretaste of what we can offer you, we will give you the opportunity to read this first contact page in English and in German. Then we would like to tell you a little bit more about us. We will show you which services we offer and which industries we span. If you are looking for work, you can make a career with us. We give you an idea of how we manage this all. Of course, we are also concerned about the goodwill of our employees and like to reward them with our benefits. And here you will find the right contact person for everything. We would be pleased if you would contact us by telephone, e-mail or by using our service form. Current job vacancies you will find in our feed and of course you can also apply online for a career. Explanations to - perhaps not common - abbreviations you will get when you move the mouse over. Additional we have added some informations about Davao City. Maybe they are useful for you.

Why Altria Teleservices?

Altria Teleservices is in one with City Services Consultancy L.L.C (CSC), which has been operating for many years and which is a geographical leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena.

We put the customer first and focus our service and advice on his wishes and needs. According to the motto "always online" we are available for you 24/7. Our high degree of flexibility makes it possible to scale the agent pool at will and thus to react quickly to changes in the call volume.

Our qualified team distinguishes itself above all through its high-performance and sales-strong argumentation. In this way, in addition to a naturally high level of availability and top service level values, you are also assured of customer satisfaction, because ongoing project presentations always keep our agents up-to-date with regard to social and professional competence.

A colourful mixture of different training paths and practical experience guarantees an economically oriented and creative potential. In addition, the high number of agents also provides a special affinity in the most diverse areas, such as technology, travel, leisure, household, automotive, insurance, medicine and many more. Our agents identify exactly with your industry.

Ongoing quality checks guarantee our customers the highest quality.

Keep an overview, even if the phone rings more often than you can answer calls. With our call center you can conveniently manage the telephone situation in your company and relieve your employees. Even if all lines are busy, incoming calls are not rejected but can be received with individual announcements and/or music on hold. Especially if you operate a hotline, our system makes your work immensely easier.

But the call centre solution also offers clear advantages for one-man offices: If two or more calls are received at the same time, you no longer lose a caller and in this way demonstrate your customer optimum availability.

What are our call center benefits?

The fact is, our team is doing it exactly that every day. Passionate AND successful! Our secret? We really kneel in and also bring a lot of call center experience with us. So far we have convinced all our customers of our service, even those who had very big prejudices.

These are your advantages:

• You are reachable for all your customers, even if you are not reachable at all.

• The call center is your partner. It sends you all contacts and information directly so that you can call back potential customers yourself.

• You set the budget, the call center adheres to it. That means for you: manageable and clear costs for your telephone marketing.

• Call center employees are not only well trained, but also refresh their knowledge again and again, which makes them very competent contacts. Their cordial and friendly nature makes it pleasant for everyone who deals with them.

Try it out - we'll take care of your concerns. We are happy to start small to convince you of our performance. Our motto is: "Successful is who makes others successful". Arrange your free consultation today - we look forward to seeing you.